Scuba Diving Sea Caves Off Ambergris Caye

Over the 2016 new year holiday I did some scuba diving through sea caves off Ambergris Caye.

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With December ocean water at about 80 degrees Fahrenheit, diving in Belize is a luxury.  I am somewhat new to the sport of diving and this was one of the most fascinating dives I have experienced. What I like most about diving is floating in a world that is filled with unfamiliarity. What I dislike is crowded dive boats that board before dawn and hours spent at sea.

We were a group of five, and to plan our dive we called a couple different dive shops on Ambergris Caye and found the friendly easy-going staff at Sea Star Dive.  When the dive master, Doug, explained that there is cave- diving five minutes away from his dock, I was sold.  We showed at 9:00am, got fitted, and had breakfast at the “Dive Bar” connected to the Sea Star Dive shop.  The coastline setting of this establishment was gorgeous and the breakfast of eggs, fresh mango juice, and coffee was excellent.

While we enjoyed our breakfast, the knowledgeable dive crew got our gear onto the boat, and moments later we were off for a quick boat ride out to nearby sea caves.  During the dive prep we were told about the two caves we would be journeying through.  Doug explained that the caves were made of coral and located at approximately a depth of 80 feet.  Further, we were told  we need to be careful not to get our gear hung up on the rocks and that we may see some sharks.

The Belize water is warm and clear. We did not have to wear wet suits and the visibility was amazing. We entered the sea cave by swimming over some coral and into a large crack in the reef.  All six of us went into this opening one by one.  The experience of swimming into caves was a first for me and exhilaration filled my body.  At one point I was little scared because light is limited in the cave, and at the same time I was excited because I knew this was not an every day experience.  The cave was about 100 feet long and surprisingly there was not many fish or plants in it.

As we exited the cave we were welcomed by a Nerf shark and the animal circled around us playing for our cameras.  Swimming with a shark was another new experience.  While the shark swam with us I reached out and touched it’s fin. You can watch a video director Stuart Acher made of our dive below  (Make sure to watch for the shark and the dance party).

Nathan Chandra