When Ryan Scott (Current CEO of AKoin and Former CEO of Cause Cast) reached out to me to join a panel to discuss influencer marketing and the blockchain, my interest was peeked.  When Ryan further explained that the event was taking place at The World Trade Center in NYC and other panelist include David Drake, Jeff Koyen, Benoit J.P. Flammang, and Rob Nance I was excited!  This event is focussed on connecting investors (mostly family offices) with trend setting entrepreneurs. If you are either of these, this event is the place to be in NYC on June 29th 2018. If you have not already registered for this event it is too late. I just learned that it is sold out.  

As Buttrfly is preparing for it's pre-ICO in late Q3 / early Q4, I am interested to learning where this road takes us.  We have been hard at work focussing on building out our product (which is coming along amazingly) and it feels great to get out of the office and in front of people.  I hope to connect with you on the road.

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Nathan Chandra